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Our Brand

Who Are We?

We are the Cooke family. Husband and wife with two children living in Georgia.

At the end of 2019 we started an online company selling tactical gear, and everyday essentials.

As Shooting enthusiasts, believers in the Second Amendment, and strong Christians' who are conscious about the way we dress - we focus on quality products in the EDC lifestyle area that work well as well as look good. 

What Matters To Us?

What matters the most to us is our customers, and that we provide products that have an positive impact on their lives as they have to ours.  

What Do We Do & How Do We Do It?

Me, the husband, operates and manages the business on a day to day basis. Managing inventory levels across all of our sales channels, managing our supply chain with manufacturers and sales partners, overseeing sales and marketing activity on the various online platforms we use and keeping an eye on our customer service activity.

My wife, the brains behind it all, organizes and maintains our customer orders and shipments making sure orders are processed as fast as possible and that the orders are shipped accurately and promptly. 

My children, our team players, assist in the picking, packing and taping customer orders process teaching them life lessons to be actively involved in working and contributing to something bigger than themselves.

Our colleagues and partners, the meat behind our operation, handle accounting, customer service, sales and marketing and warehouse operations making our business run as smoothly as it does.

Thank you for supporting a family business,

The Cooke Family