Welcome to our gun buyers club,

It is your privilege to bear arms in the United States and we believe that you shouldn't be charged extortionate amounts of money for it.

We (me, Matthew Cooke and my family) believe that being prepared should be much more accessible for all Americans. The biggest barrier to this is always the cost price, and so we have created this buyers club to give you the price that we pay. Period.

We are testing this membership with only 100 people before we roll it out to the masses as there will no doubt be some kinks we have to work out.

Buyers Club Details:

  • Pay cost price plus tax plus shipping.
  • Flat rate shipping on all firearms.
  • Flat rate shipping on all ammunition.
  • 3 month commitment.
  • Monthly subscription cost $29.
  • Annual subscription purchase option $259.

Buyers Club Buying Process:

Standard stock orders:

  1. Identify the items you want.
  2. Email mc@chartertactical.com
  3. You'll be given a coupon code to use at checkout reducing your price to our cost price of the item.
  4. Proceed to check out as normal using coupon code.

Special Limited Price or Availability Orders:

  1. Call us directly at (770) 588-1959.

If you are interested in joining the buyers club reach out to me personally here:


Or text me at (770) 588-1959.